.NET 4.5 Parallel Extensions - Book Review

.NET 4.5 Parallel Extensions – Book Review

Parallel Extensions refers to a Microsoft Research initiative that sought to provide a managed concurrency library for process execution. In more human terms, it tries to harness the full power of multi-core processors, allowing the developer implementing the functionality, to complete more than one tasks simultaneously. The book entitled .NET 4.5 Parallel Extensions goes through the basics of how to implement such functionality into your C# code. The book is intended to aide experienced C# developers in writing applications that leverage the power of modern multi-core processors.

Most of the examples in the book are based on a seemingly basic console application doing seemingly simple enough prints to the screen with basic examples. The clinchers are found in the code under the hood of said console application processes. The books starts off simply enough, going through the simplest construct found in the concept, a Task and steadily, and ably, builds on that concept. The author goes through quite a few examples in this portion of the book, showing just how processes can be partitioned into tasks to run after the other, or simultaneously. Useful and cool concepts like Concurrency with Parallel Loops and Parallel Linq (PLINQ) were explored in sufficient detail. Time was also spent exploring debugging methods for parallel programming in Visual Studio 2012, and thread management.

This book provides a viable knowledge base for a C# developer looking to work with .NET parallelism APIs.

The book can be found for purchase on Packt Publishing or on Amazon