Instant .NET 4.5 Extension Methods - Book Review

Instant .NET 4.5 Extension Methods – Book Review

I have been doing .Net development for 4+ years and was always well aware of the options to write extension methods for native class types. I had done it once or twice, but never really practiced it. I recently read a book entitled Instant .NET 4.5 Extension Methods written by Shawn McLean, a fellow Jamaican born Software Engineer, who seems to be as passionate about development as the next guy; and I thought this to be a good opportunity to write a review for the title.

The book starts off slowly, going through the basic datatypes that are built into the framework (int, string, etc). Unlike many cookbooks that I have read that feature code snippets and examples addressing the topic being discussed, his code was well commented and he even showed different ways to implement the different methods (inefficient ways and their more efficient counterparts). His passion for creating well architected applications was quite evident through each example.

He gave great technical explanations as to how each method worked and how the framework and compiler would identify with what is being done. Quite frankly, after reading through the last few chapters, I realized that my general knowledge on writing extension methods was quite lacking.

I would recommend this book to any beginner looking to write an extension method or any intermediate programmer who may know some stuff, but need to sharpen up his/her skills on others. Overall, it is a well put together book, notwithstanding the cosmetic shortfalls which I’m sure in any piece of literature.

The book can be found for purchase on Packt or Amazon.

I discovered that the author has a blog which can be found here.