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How to find the SAS training you need?

In the digital age, taking SAS training courses to boost your career and gain breakthrough skills in analytics becomes extremely important. Whether you are eager to grow as a data analyst every company wants or a highly committed industry expert, you always can ensure your career growth[…]


Tips for the Part-Time Freelancer

Freelancers can be as part-time as they can be full-time. I previously did an article on some best practices to live by as a full-time freelancer. This time around, I have a few tips on how people who have full-time obligations, might go about doubling as a freelancer. For some, part-time […]


Get Started With Programming

Programming is a great skill to have. It empowers you with a skillet that allows you to build out your ideas and experiment. It can open doors to many career paths, great income and can be done anywhere. Through my years of being in the classroom imparting my knowledge to […]


Application Development with Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the best and most used HTML/CSS/JS front-end frameworks. It comes prepackaged with many components and resources geared towards significantly speeding up your application development. Even though it’s a framework that is very easy to start with, don’t be fooled by its simplicity at first sight. It would be […]


Frontend Developer vs Backend Developer

One fact of Software Development that I am sure we have all come to know and appreciate, is the fact that it is multi-faceted. To develop fully functional applications, teams of people are assembled and given tasks according to their strengths. A team of developers might comprise a front-end, back-end […]

cloud based ides

Cloud Based IDEs For Developers

Frankly, it is no surprise that we have cloud based IDEs joining the ranks of so many traditionally desktop based applications, that have been ported to the Cloud. This concept takes so much of the initial workstation hassle out of configuring a development environment on your development machine and with […]


Code of Conduct for Freelance Developers

Like any other professional, freelance developers should have a code of conduct, honour and creed that they must live by. Freelance developers of the more successful persuasion generally have a sense of what is good practice. Well…they must, as their jobs and reputation are at stake. This time, let’s focus […]


Bootstrap 4 Alpha Release

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework in the world for building responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. This framework has been a source of salvation for me, who had been deemed ‘aesthetically challenged’ by my mentor earlier in my career. Since the dawn of Bootstrap, I’ve conjured some pretty decent […]

Branch Metrics Logo (PRNewsFoto/Branch Metrics)

Deep Linking with Branch.io

Deep linking is quickly becoming standard practice for successful mobile apps. To stay competitive in the mobile space, it is good to understand how they work and what they can do. Branch.io provides free deep linking technology to mobile app developers, whether large or independent. Boasting web, iOS, and Android SDKs, developers can generate deeplinks geared towards tracking […]


The Remote Worker’s Utility Kit

Working remotely, be it as a contractor or a full-time employee, will require some thought refactoring if you’re used to going into an office day after day. This style however has been growing in popularity, with this new age of services being offered via the internet. With the right attitude, work station […]


Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant Error

So I recently got a task to port an Access Application unto a central database server (Microsoft SQL Server 2005) and ‘webify’ the application. I downloaded the tool Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant. The tool is pretty straight forward and easy to use and there are a number of guides on […]