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Code of Conduct for Freelance Developers

Like any other professional, freelance developers should have a code of conduct, honour and creed that they must live by. Freelance developers of the more successful persuasion generally have a sense of what is good practice.  Well…they must, as their jobs and reputation are at stake. This time, let’s focus […]


Bootstrap 4 Alpha Release

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework in the world for building responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. This framework has been a source of salvation for me, who had been deemed ‘aesthetically challenged’ by my mentor earlier in my career. Since the dawn of Bootstrap, I’ve conjured some pretty decent […]

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Deep Linking with Branch.io

Deep linking is quickly becoming standard practice for successful mobile apps. To stay competitive in the mobile space, it is good to understand how they work and what they can do. Branch.io provides free deep linking technology to mobile app developers, whether large or independent. Boasting web, iOS, and Android SDKs, developers can generate deeplinks geared towards tracking […]


The Remote Worker’s Utility Kit

Working remotely, be it as a contractor or a full-time employee, will require some thought refactoring if you’re used to going into an office day after day. This style however has been growing in popularity, with this new age of services being offered via the internet. With the right attitude, work station […]


Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant Error

So I recently got a task to port an Access Application unto a central database server (Microsoft SQL Server 2005) and ‘webify’ the application. I downloaded the tool Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant. The tool is pretty straight forward and easy to use and there are a number of guides on […]


SQL Server Linked Server Error Workaround

SQL Server Linked Server Error Workaround I have jobs running in SQL Server 2005 which run a number commands involving AS/400 and UNIX Servers, through respective Linked Server Drivers. These jobs execute Stored Procedures, which carry out a whole heap of operations. For some reason, the jobs started failing, giving […]


ASP.Net MVC 4 on Windows Server 2003

ASP.Net MVC 4 on Windows Server 2003 Not all of use have the luxury of using the latest technology all the time. I recently was tasked with developing a web application under the following circumstances: A. Access to Visual Studio 2008/Visual Studio 2013 B. Windows Server 2003 hosting I opted […]


Case-Based Reasoning and Expert Systems

Case-based reasoning is an embodiment of a rolodex of past experiences and like scenarios, in comparison to a problem at hand. A system built on this method of analysis bears some superiority to one designed to attack a problem solely on a data bank of rules. Each case typically contains […]


File MIME Type Associations in C#

Each file has an identity. This identity is determined by the extension. On the Internet, this extension is grouped under a broader category called a MIME type. Without MIME types, clients that handle files (like email clients) would not be able to handle an attached file. The MIME Type allows […]


Creating a Fuzzy Logic Controller in MATLAB

So recently I have been dabbling a bit with Fuzzy Logic in MATLAB. This is a short tutorial or guide as to how to use the FIS Editor in MATLAB. First, we start by opening said editor and its whereabouts are found in the below screenshot. We will be working […]